ISPSO AM2021 Conference Berlin: Panel „Tackling the Twice“

July 10, 2021, 12.30 pm

Event – Annual Meeting and Symposium of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO). Panel 2 „Tackling the Twice“ with Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer, Martin Engelberg, Dr. Leon S. Brenner and Dr. Moritz Senarclens de Grancy (moderator).

In an early, previously unnoticed text, Freud (1893) coined the phrase that it was mankind’s hottest wish to be allowed to do something twice. This Twice marks a form of repetition that has always been the source of fate for humanity: the first time it just happens to us, the second time we wish to do it by ourselves. Freud’s formula tells us about dealing with traumatic experiences, painful cuts and fateful repetitions in tackling the Twice. But why do things repeatedly go wrong when we try to ‘do it by ourselves’, even while attempting to avoid bad choices? Currently, the world community has again been hit by dramatic events: pandemic, racism, climate change – all effects of human decisions and choices. The question of whether humanity will tackle the Twice to ensure its continued existence has become an ethical challenge. The panel raises the question of how repetitions that go wrong can be dealt with in such a way that sustainable living conditions can emerge from them.

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